Individuele track links Panther D

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Richard Cramer
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Bestuur Twenot
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Individuele track links Panther D

Bericht door Richard Cramer » 22 apr 2007 09:12

Last night I finished building a Dragon/DML Panther D (not the premium edition). I cut all the individual tracklinks from the sprue, and then there was the suprise: they don't "click"! I figured that I didn't have to use glue in order to get them together. Since I have no experience with these links, I figured I could put out a mail on Twenot for answers. So the two questions are:

1) how many links are there in a track? The guide of the "premium edition Panther" I also have, speaks of 89: 81x L7 and 8x C. Is this number correct, and if not what is?

2) how does one put together the links and let still let them "follow" the roadwheels of the Panther (before airbrushing)?

Thanks for helping me out!

Jan Peters
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Bericht door Jan Peters » 22 apr 2007 09:30

Hi Richard,
1. According to Spielberger the real Panther had 86 links per side. I guess you have to find out for yourself how much are needed to get the right look on your model.

2. You can use a simple homemade jig to form the track on. I use an old ruler, to which i have taped two pieces of wood. Make sure it's straight, or you will end up with a warped track. You glue a length of tracklinks together (say about 10 cm) and leave the glue too set for a while (the best glue for this would be Tamiya extra thin cement) before the glue sets completely, you can form the track on your model. I usualy begin at the sprocketwheel, work my way round the botom and connect the track somewhere in the middle of the top run.
HTH, Jan :)
ps photo's of your work are welcomed, and will get you more tips ;)
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